Coming Soon: Getting Clojure

Getting Clojure
Build Your Functional Skills One Idea at a Time
by Russ Olsen
Behind every programming language lies a vision of how programs should be built. The vision behind Clojure is of a radically simple language framework holding together a sophisticated collection of programming features. Learning Clojure involves much more than just learning the mechanics of the language. To really get Clojure you need to understand the the ideas underlying this structure of framework and features. You need this book: an accessible introduction to Clojure that focuses on the ideas behind the language as well as the practical details of writing code.

I am the proud editor of Russ’s excellent book.
Read about it here, where it will be available for purchase later this month.

No Bones?

With all the sly references to other TV series and books and movies, I can’t believe Stranger Things couldn’t have found a place to have a character say, “He’s dead, Jim.”