No Bones?

With all the sly references to other TV series and books and movies, I can’t believe Stranger Things couldn’t have found a place to have a character say, “He’s dead, Jim.”

Monday Morning Coffee History Factoid

“The first coffee houses, later called kahveh kanes by the Turks, opened in Mecca, and students, travelers, musicians, and storytellers gathered there to play games, sing, dance, talk, and drink coffee.”
Coffee or Tea, Elin McCoy and John Frederick Walker, 1988, New American Library

[T]he opulent and luxurious coffee houses of Sixteenth Century Constantinople… were constantly jammed despite the large numbers of new ones that kept opening.

[C]offee houses… first appeared on the Piazza San Marco in Venice by the end of the Seventeenth Century…. In the tradition of the coffee houses of the Turks, Persians, and Arabs, they encouraged the spread of radical ideas; one coffee house even planned to install a reading room to educate the general public.