Accidental Redesign

Yes, the site looks different. An update to a theme broke my old design and rather than figure out how to reconstruct what I had I switched to a different and I hope more stable theme. I’ll probably tweak it when I get a chance.

Did I Mention…

My functional programming book is now on sale?

Functional programming is where it’s at. But different languages emphasize different approaches to functional programming. Some bolt functional capabilities onto an existing framework, some are built to be functional from the ground up. What would be nice is a book that explores functional thinking and functional style and idioms across different languages.

My book does that, through articles drawn from PragPub magazine. Led by expert guides, you’ll discover the distinct strengths and approaches of Clojure, Elixir, Haskell, Scala, and Swift and learn which best suits your needs.

Get it here.

It’s the Little Things

Earbuds. There are plenty of people predicting what Apple will talk about in its press event in Steve Jobs Theater next week, but not too many people are predicting that earbuds will be a major topic.

I doubt that Cook will dedicate a whole section of his talk to the latest version of the wireless earbuds, bringing out the technology and design teams to brag up their contributions, calling up third-party developers to show the amazing earbud applications they’ve been secretly working on, and previewing the new commercial for earbuds featuring Beyonce.

But this is a successful product, and I think we’ll hear about it. And it’s even possible we’ll hear something surprising.