Reposted Refactored Reciprocity

Reciprocity he knows: tit-for-tats, quid-pro-quos. He tallies up each debt repaid; strives to keep a promise made, costs defrayed, his options weighed; does the work to make the grade; and always couples “free” with “trade.” The duple logic of his mind would let no beggar go unfined.

Should disputations come to blows, he always bloodies nose for nose. Should passions wane, he has a knack for handing failing friends the sack. And so he tightens up the slack, he fills the crack, he pays them back: a balance monomaniac, settling each debt or grudge, he tests the scales and weighs the judge.

Blocks of granite in repose have no choice but to oppose pressures delicate or coarse: granite’s something he’d endorse. Basic physics is his source in seeing life as countered force: matter, elbowed from its course, elbows back—in Newton’s writ—equally, and opposite.

An exegesis would disclose the life he chose: like Latin prose, fixed, decided, preterite. That ethics of exchange admit no novel coin, no counterfeit—he’s sure of it. And sure he’ll sit, sunk in his inertial pit, by no assault his ramparts split, by no new star his heavens lit, by no means willing to permit his thralldom to be manumit. No will, no wish to overcome endless equilibrium.

First Walk

A fine mist on the river, the kind you can only see looking up or downstream or out of the corner of your eye. Fall came abruptly this year. The air is crisp and all the trees on the opposite bank turned the same shade of yellow at the same time. Our puzzle-loving dog spent five minutes getting her ball into and out of a snag. The blue heron and great egret are elsewhere this morning.

Cognitect: a Clojure Merger

Relevance, the Clojure-centric custom software development company, has merged with Metadata Partners, makers of Datomic, the Clojure-based distributed database and implementation of Datalog. Justin Gehtland is now the CEO of Cognitect, Stuart Halloway is president, and Rich Hickey is CTO. Jennifer Hudson is the CFO and Mike Nygard and Tim Ewald are Cognitect VPs. Listen to Justin and Rich explain the logic behind the merger and what ahead for Cognitect.

Yahoo’s Logo: Not a Good Sign

OK, so Yahoo redesigned its logo. Perfectly understandable, given that its CEO is refocusing the company to try to keep it relevant and profitable. Oh wait, not that CEO, this CEO. Anyway, logo design is always a big deal for the company involved, and some genius designers have come up with some truly inspired logos to represent companies. But it doesn’t usually inspire quite this level of kibitzing. Yahoo’s logo was always kind of goofy looking, but arguably charming. The latest version is still goofy, but without the charm, might be the general sentiment. The CEO explained the thinking behind the redesign, and that may not have been such a great idea. Glenn Fleishman came up with what I think is the clearest analysis of what’s wrong with both the logo and the process—and what it implies about Yahoo’s ability to reinvent itself.