Robot Attack

“A 300-pound egg-shaped security robot was punched to the ground by an allegedly drunken man outside a Silicon Valley shopping center, Mountain View police said.”

Oh, that’s definitely my pick for best story lead of the past week.

There are a couple of twists to the story, though.

For one thing, this particular robot has a record. He ran over a kid’s foot.

Or it may not have been this particular robot. They all look alike to me. You know?

A further twist: these robots rent out for $7 an hour. Basically half minimum wage. It’s a wonder they’re not rioting. Or on strike.

The Code Whisperer

Do you follow The Code Whisperer? You should be following The Code Whisperer.

J. B. Rainsberger “is a Canadian software development consultant and technology writer known for his contributions to agile development, for which he was awarded the highest honour from the agile community, the Gordon Pask Award in 2005,” to quote Wikipedia.

Here’s one of his recent posts in which he revisits a topic he has written and spoken about before, and refactors his explanation to communicate more clearly. Good stuff.

Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology

“Reading Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology will get you ready to dig into functional programming, and give you enough understanding of these languages to pick the one you want to start with. Highly recommended!”

Ron Jeffries, Just Some Guy at XProgramming, Inc.

Wait, what?

What is this Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology of which you speak?

I’m glad you asked, imaginary questioner.

Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology is a new book soon to be published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf. It’s a collection of articles from PragPub on functional programming. But it’s also an introduction to how functional programming is addressed in five languages: Scala, Clojure, Elixir, Haskell, and Swift. We’re pretty excited about this project. Watch this space or the Pragmatic Bookshelf site for the announcement of its publication date.