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They Say It’s RESTful, but It Seems Pretty Exciting to Me

If you’re a fan of Marvel superhero movies (and who isn’t) or if your fandom goes back to the earliest days (you were a member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society and you weighed in on Vince Colletta’s inking of Jack Kirby’s pencils and you remember when Roy Thomas was just another nit-picking fan writing letters to the editor), there’s a question you’ve probably been asking yourself for some time now:

Where is the API?

Wonder no longer, True Believer.

Marvel’s API.

Hooves on Hybrids

I need one of these. And I don’t even own a bike.

In fact, I think the developers of this product are thinking too small. Making a bike sound like a galloping horse is just fun. But how about equipping electric cars with a galloping-horse device? How about mandating that all electric (or hybrid) cars have galloping-horse devices factory-installed?

For whatever reasons, we are ignoring a serious threat to public safety posed by these silent vehicles.

I’m all for electric cars, but even better than an electric car would be an electric car that can’t sneak up on you. And even better than that would be if all electric cars sounded like galloping horses.

Let’s do this.

Lists of Bests

Chris Ford of ThoughtWorks has put together his list of the most important academic papers in computer science. This is becoming a thing: Michael Feathers and Fogus have also published such lists.

Chris set three criteria for inclusion in his list:

The paper must have changed the world. (I.e., they must truly be important.)

The paper must have changed his perspective. (This makes it personal.)

Only one paper is allowed from each decade. (This makes the list interesting.)

His list includes some choices that are hard to argue with, like Alan Turing’s “On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem” and Claud Shannon’s “A Mathematical Theory of Communication.”

I thought about trying to put together my own list, and maybe I will sometime, but I realized as I thought about it that all the papers I would choose are already in this list.