May Issue Released

Announcing the May, 2017 issue of PragPub! Our lead article is from familiar contributor James Bonang. In it, the unexpected discovery of a venerable artifact leads Jim to examine tools and techniques that can help you eliminate memory errors in C++ code. It’s the first installment in an occasional series on building quality software. You’ll save time, effort and maybe a project or two.

In Java, we’ve been writing object-oriented code using the imperative style. Starting with Java 8, we can write code in the functional style. All this year, Venkat Subramaniam is demonstrating how to refactor existing Java code to the functional style. You’ll learn why and how to refactor your code to functional style. This month, Venkat focuses on the functional approach to one of the most common operations on data: sorting.

Woody Zuill, the creator of Mob Programming, steps in for vacationing Mark Pearl, who has been writing about practical issues in implementing your own mob. This month Woody looks at the productivity question at the heart of mob programming: How can five people at one computer be productive?

You’re a developer, but at some point in your career you’ll probably find yourself managing others. Every month Marcus Blankenship shares tips on how to be as good at managing as you are at your “real” job. This month is a double-header as he looks at two management challenges: the programmer who just wants to program and the programmer who insists you need to halt forward progress and rewrite or refactor crufty code.

What else? Antonio Cangiano returns with another selection of new books on programming, John Shade gets as touchy-feely as he’ll ever be as he takes on the challenge of Grasping, and we have not one but two brain teasers. All in this May, 2017 issue of PragPub.

We hope you enjoy it!

Author: Michael Swaine

Michael Swaine is a writer and editor. He helped launch the first personal computer newsweekly, InfoWorld. He co-authored Fire in the Valley, the seminal tech history book on which the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley was based. He was editor-in-chief of Dr. Dobb’s Journal and has written for and edited several other magazines. His latest creation is PragPub magazine.