It’s the Little Things

Earbuds. There are plenty of people predicting what Apple will talk about in its press event in Steve Jobs Theater next week, but not too many people are predicting that earbuds will be a major topic.

I doubt that Cook will dedicate a whole section of his talk to the latest version of the wireless earbuds, bringing out the technology and design teams to brag up their contributions, calling up third-party developers to show the amazing earbud applications they’ve been secretly working on, and previewing the new commercial for earbuds featuring Beyonce.

But this is a successful product, and I think we’ll hear about it. And it’s even possible we’ll hear something surprising.

Author: Michael Swaine

Michael Swaine is a writer and editor. He helped launch the first personal computer newsweekly, InfoWorld. He co-authored Fire in the Valley, the seminal tech history book on which the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley was based. He was editor-in-chief of Dr. Dobb’s Journal and has written for and edited several other magazines. His latest creation is PragPub magazine.