In the April PragPub

What if you could get the same work done with a tenth the coding effort?

Low-code is an increasingly popular approach to programming that leverages visual development tools and third-party infrastructure so you can focus on the ten percent of your app that is unique. A low-code development platform bundles together all the tools you use into a unified experience that lets you build your application visually. Then once it’s built, the platform handles the full lifecycle, through test, production, and ongoing maintenance. It’s especially appealing for mobile app development, where time-to-market is king.

This month in PragPub we explore the low-code experience in two articles. First, Matthew Revell details just what low-code is and how you work in a low-code environment. Then Stanley Idesis walks you through a full hands-on example of mobile development on a low-code platform. Is low-code right for you? At the end of these articles you’ll know all you need to know to decide whether you need to give it a try.

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Author: Michael Swaine

Michael Swaine is a writer and editor. He helped launch the first personal computer newsweekly, InfoWorld. He co-authored Fire in the Valley, the seminal tech history book on which the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley was based. He was editor-in-chief of Dr. Dobb’s Journal and has written for and edited several other magazines. His latest creation is PragPub magazine.