At the Overlook

Nikki shifted her weight to one foot, deployed her pen and pad, and blew a vagrant curl back from her cheek.
“Hi, Nikki. Are you still serving breakfast?”
“Till two. Black coffee?”
“And eggs. Several eggs. Sunny side up. Tell Arno I want them to bleed when cut. And bacon. And grits. You have grits? I never have grits. Right, make it grits, swimming in butter. Grapefruit juice. And whole wheat toast, dry.”
“Toast, right.” She slipped the order book in her apron pocket. “Been my experience that when somebody orders a breakfast like that, he always leaves the toast.”
“Don’t know what that means. Just think it’s interesting.”
“Coffee now, conversation later. Sorry, Nikki, but you’re dealing with a desperate character here.”
“Don’t I know it.” She drifted off and returned almost immediately with the coffee. Customer service is the heartbeat of the hospitality industry.